Anh Tuan Hoang

Klasern Website

In 2017, Tuan moved to the USA & launched the watch project Klasern. This is the website that Tuan built based on Shopify for his own brand.

The creative direction, for creating both products and website, is inspired by Bauhaus - the art & design movement that lays emphasis on functionality & simplicity while still embodying a futuristic look.

Grid system is introduced to keep the layout clean & organized. White space between layout elements is used to enhance readability & let the users focus on the products.

‘T-star’ is the chosen typeface. This technical-style, flat, & slender font is well-harmonized with the design principle. Monotone & subdued color pallete incorporate to represent the restrospect of the Bauhaus.

Photography is straight-forward with the use of direct lighting & high contrast to emphasize the product details.