Anh Tuan Hoang

District Eight Website

Before moving to the US, Tuan joined District Eight for the position as a designer/ photographer.

For almost 4 years working with fellow designers, technicians, & craftsmen at District Eight, Tuan shaped his skills & gained experience in the furniture manufacturing process which involved him in different stages from product design & development to aftersales service.

In this project, Tuan is responsible for designing & building an e-commerce website for the company. To save time & effort, the website is built using Shopify.

With his passion of simplicity & functionality, Tuan tends to keep his design being clean & pure but still having necessary information.

The toughest task of this project is perhaps related to the product images. In order to ensure the imagery consistency, Tuan & his team have to retake all the photos of District Eight’s current furniture collections with over 100 models.